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Psychological profiling and assessment

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  • 1 hour

Service Description

A psychological description of a person is useful in many situations. For example, a person may wish to establish if they have an underlying personality disorder or disturbance which is negatively affecting their life, relationships and overall functioning, In a legal situation, it enables an assessment of the person in relation to their ability to function normally and examines the impact of trauma as an example. In addressing workplace attendance and performance issues, it is often useful, indeed necessary, to have a clear understanding of the psychological factors which impact on these. The Phoenix Centre can provide such psychological descriptions and assessments with regard to the specific issue at hand. Recruitment (candidate assessment) Technical and analytical competence is often enough to succeed in a job. However, in people-oriented jobs, this is usually overshadowed by the need for people management skills and emotional intelligence. Therefore, recruitment into such roles requires the careful matching of the personal abilities and characteristics needed for the job with those of the candidate. The Phoenix Centre can assist organisations in this process, beginning with the profiling of the job and then conducting various psychometric tests to determine the best fit for the job

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